Bruce Miller movari2000 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 6 00:12:58 PST 2009

I had dinner with Bob Friday night at Taco Time on Hiway 99 near the King-Snohomish line. All seemed fine at that time. He was talking ok. He never mentioned anything. Might have looked a bit tired. He created a short command in Linux to download 39 episodes of the New Inventors I had told him about that night. We were hacking on the computers with my wifi connection.

We departed between 2130 and 2200. He did mention that he had to go so he could be up to help with the ESCA hams involved in the H1N1 vaccination clinics on Saturday. I monitored 146.920 during quite a bit of that time. Never heard him. Thought about calling him that afternoon, but didn't want to bother him in case he was busy with the event.

Only thing that seemed strange was that when we departed I could not get him on the radio, so assumed he was talking on one of the frequencies used by ESCA. Silence on the radio . . . a weird omen.

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