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Tue Nov 10 09:54:38 PST 2009

Urgent Request:  Seattle Marathon

Bob Donnell, KD7NM, passed away unexpectedly a week ago.  Bob's been
an incredible influence on several volunteer organizations in the
area and a friend to many of us.  Many hundreds of people are going
to miss him.  Many of you know Bob, or at least know of him.  I'm
going to miss him terribly.

Bob was one of the big players in the volunteer organization which
helps at the Seattle Marathon, which happens Thanksgiving weekend
every year on a Sunday (19 days from now).  We're scrambling to
organize SAG control which was Bob's area of interest (and mine) in
previous years.  SAG is the separate radio network that picks up the
sick, injured, and just-too-pooped-out-to-continue participants.
That's where I get to play APRS and Xastir!

We're looking to fill additional ham and EMT slots that have been
added this year.  If you know of hams or EMT's that may be available
to help, please pass this note on and have them get in touch with
Gene Underwood, W7AKA, using his callsign at, or contact
me and I'll pass Gene's phone numbers on to you.  Gene needs an
additional 16 to 21 hams and can use more EMT's as well.  If you're
a ham _and_ an EMT you're doubly useful for this event!

For info:  The Seattle Marathon this year should have 15,000+
participants and 3000+ volunteers, of which 110 or so will be hams.
It's a big event!  Hams and EMT's are there to help assure the
safety and welfare of the participants.  Trust me, we get used...

The big event happens November 29th.  Gene usually has two or three
meetings for the ham volunteers (only one of which need be attended)
at his house the weekend prior, usually two on saturday and one on
sunday, to get your briefing and materials.

I hope to see some of you there!

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