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This is cool...

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Date: Mon, Nov 30, 2009 at 3:25 PM
Subject: [WINMOR] Winmor on 6 meters
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I did a demo for our ARES group meeting and used 6 meters because my
wife who was at the home end of the test is a technician.  Other than
that I set it up just like a HF test on USB.  When I ran the demo for
the group it was like WOW!  I should have cued a much larger message
because it went so fast I didn't even get through explaining the
Winmor TNC screen in action. I did a reply and sent the message back
just as quickly.  Six meters and with a good clean signal it was very
impressive. I could see RMS Winmor on six meters in this area where
six is very under used could serve well in ARES applications. Thanks
again for the great job your team is doing.  73 Steve N9LOH


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