2 meter Netrom Node 9600 radio ?

Bill V WA7NWP wa7nwp at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 11:53:46 PDT 2009

> Yeah, making a repeater is certainly a possibility, but I'm skeptical
> that these things are built for 100% duty cycle. The beauty of those
> old converted Motorolas, like Micors and Mitreks, was that they WERE
> rated for 100% duty cycle (with no fans).

Very true.  Fortunately (unfortunately?) heavy duty cycles for our
data is not such a common issue these days.

> The tempting thing, to me, is to "experiment with possibilities"
> (don't want to post too-inflammatory suggestions) of cross-band
> operations - output on 2m or 440, and input on the reverse.

I started to type that but decided to plan on doing it rather then
mention it...  :-)

> I don't have a reference, but I have the impression that these radios
> can handle wider bandwidths.

This keeps getting better and better...

> Please cough up a reference to the TNC-Z.

We're writing the specs with each additional mail message...   Maybe
it should be TNC-SEA


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