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On Mon, 12 Oct 2009, Curt, WE7U wrote:

> If you want to go with Atmel AVR instead (much better processors),
> there are freebie Windows and Linux development environments.  You
> need an SDK board to get going with it.  Check out the AVR Butterfly
> for a low-end example that could get you going.  I have several SDK
> boards available to me but the Butterfly is not one of them.

The older (non-USB) versions of some of these boards are nice:


The 200 board allows programming a bunch of little AVR chips, some
of them 8-pin.

The Mega128 board gives you a processor with a lot more capability,
two real serial ports if I remember correctly, plus lots of other

AVR's are top-notch 8-bit processors, Flash and RAM on-board.
Re-flash them again and again.  You can even do that on your
end-user boards if you design them correctly.  Your mileage may
vary.  I'm not sure whether that last statement applies
across-the-board to all AVR's as some of them have very few pins!
It might though.

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