Using HF as proof of concept for advanced, software-based local digital comms

Steve Stroh steve at
Wed Oct 14 16:55:53 PDT 2009

I think I found what I was looking for for a proof of concept using HF
for local digital communications using the amazing sound card-based
modem / protocol / networking software that's now out there.

I guess I'd seen it antecdotally, and yes, some of you had said this
to me... but I didn't really grasp that QRP was where all the radio
hardware experimenters have gone. MAN there's a lot of neat stuff out
there for QRP! And so much of it looks simple and elegant, and SO
reasonably priced!

After doing a fair amount of surface mount work over the past 18
months, this stuff looks EASY!

Now if someone could just do much the same thing in a 10m or 6m radio.
I'm kind of giving up on the idea of radios like this for 144, 222, or

But guess that's what the POC is for.



On Tue, Oct 13, 2009 at 14:04, Steve Stroh <steve at> wrote:
> Bill:


> Or maybe I'm just missing it and we should start flailing away at
> doing local communications on HF. At least THAT works and we don't
> have to build expensive infrastructure, endure endless debating about
> "repeater coordination", etc.
> What seems to make sense, given the ENDLESS debates of what's the
> "best" way to do localized, more advanced digital communications and
> the lack of any effort to actually make better hardware for VHF/UHF
> digital communications...
> ... is to just get some of these simple kits and just pick a frequency
> within their capability, and start flailing away with some of this
> incredible software and see who I can connect with in the local area.
> Thanks,
> Steve

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