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Steve Stroh steve at
Tue Feb 2 13:04:41 PST 2010

I've been waiting for SOMETHING that would make personal-area
networking a "no brainer" - exchange messages, files, address info,
etc. Kind of like what you used to be able to do with Palm's IR port.

Looks like someone has finally done something approaching this idea!

Local Instant Messaging
Mobile social networking just got a whole lot easier – thanks to Bleam
for the iPhone™ and iPod touch™.
Because Bleam uses Bluetooth and/or WiFi to create an instant network,
you don’t need a service signal to connect with the people around you.
Just turn on Bleam and chat publicly or privately, share photos and
exchange contacts with other Bleamers.
You don’t need to know someone’s ID or phone number to start Bleaming.
Just be within range. And since Bleam networks iPhones together, your
range will extend much further than with other Bluetooth messaging
We have just submitted Bleam 1.1 to the App Store. Bleam 1.1 will let
you set up multiple profiles. It’s the perfect feature for Bleamers
moving between a variety of social settings – from business
conferences to conference championships, lecture halls to concert



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