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Wed Feb 3 20:57:21 PST 2010

Well said Hank...

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You forgot SMS, Chat, blogs, email, P2P, VOIP, etc.
These are all things any ten year old kid can do.

The ONLY thing we, as hams, bring to the table is the ability to use radio.
If the internet is working, we are not needed.

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 From: charles standlee
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 I know I'm gonna get flamed for this but, let's not forget we can use
Echolink or remote desktops or telephones or even instant messaging to
help in our quest to improve this fine system.

 From: W6IDS <w6ids at verizon.net>
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 Also, an added thought. With all the new users of RMS Express, they will
 not know that there are FIXED FREQUENCIES in use for such things as
 Peer-Peer operation and messaging. This needs to be promoted within
 THIS forum and/or as a trailer to each message, along with all the other

 Everyone should know that there is no need to treat RMS Express like
 you would when running PSK31. It is impractical.

 By giving the "watering holes" visibility and fair promotion, everyone will
 know right where to park and enjoy the developing system. It doesn't
 take a lot of frequencies, maybe just two or three at max on each band?
 This can accommodate a lot of active stations while employing a
 "Time Share" principle.

 Just some addition thoughts I thought I'd throw into the stew.

 Howard W6IDS
 Richmond, IN EM79NV

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 From: "Ed G" <huckleberries@ q.com>
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 > define real Winmor stuff... Since most folks don't update their station
 > list everyday, (some know how some don't). Most use QRV to let others
 > that they available, you may well have seen a couple of my posts with it
 > since my rms has only been on the air for around 26 hours now. Most folks
 > have figured out how to use Winmor both p2p and an rms. I'm qrv are you?

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 > While I am not one to complain about the endless numbers of "QRV"
 > postings, I am compelled to offer my own opinion on the matter. During
 > the time RMS Express was in Beta testing, with no winmor servers
 > available, the QRV messages served an important purpose.... to help Beta
 > testers find each other to do peer to peer testing. HOWEVER, given
 > that RMS Express is NOT intended to be a peer to peer mode, and given
 > that we are now essentially out of the Beta peer to peer mode testing now
 > that so many RMS Winmor public servers are on line, I do not see any
 > reason for continued peer to peer testing, nor of the endless "QRV"
 > postings. It does appear to me that a separate group for "QRV Winmor"
 > would be helpful to those of us remaining here who are more interested in
 > the progression of RMS Express Winmor client as a poor man's substitute
 > for Pactor II and Pactor III WL2K clients. .
 > Just my opinion, not a rant.
 > Ed K7AAT


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