44 Net RIP or is it R.I.P.?

Bill V WA7NWP wa7nwp at gmail.com
Tue Feb 9 13:33:17 PST 2010

>> I now need to see what sort of listener/daemon to install... Sounds much
>> better than updating through ftp once a day !
> Since RIP is a network standards, you could either find a old beater Cisco
> routers from the stores in SODO... or install Quagga/Zebra which will do
> things much the same way...

Back in the good old days - when we did packet - we were using Zebra
here.   It would be fun to get it going again.   Even more fun to hook
up the old commercial router I have as well as setting up the open
source equivalents (Quagga or ?)

Hmmm.   Might be fun to just route broadcast all our home 192.168 lans
and see what kind of twisted routing tables we could generate.

Bill - WA7NWP

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