No dedicated mobile/base 1240-1300 FM voice radios!

Steve Stroh steve at
Fri Feb 12 11:22:39 PST 2010

Made a surprising discovery today spending some time browsing the Interwebs.

Other than the D-Star ID-1, there's no dedicated base/mobile (voice /
FM) radio available for the Amateur 1240-1300 band.

There was once - the Kenwood TM-541 (and man, was THAT a chore to even
find reference to THAT).

1240-1300 seems to be the province of satellite ops, some TV, some
handhelds can do it, there was a 1240-1300 module for the Kenwood
TM-741/742, and there are "DC-daylight" HF rigs that will do 1.2 GHz.

But no, "run of the mill" mobile/base radios for doing FM voice on 1.2 GHz.

Color me surprised.

Looks like an opening for a new entrant; probably easy enough to get
one sourced from China.



steve at

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