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 Thanks to all users and sysops that have helped during the beta testing of
 the Winlink WINMOR Server RMS WINMOR. There are now about 20 each Ham and
 MARS sysops that will be updating to the released code. This uses the WINMOR
 TNC application (virtual TNC) that will also be used in the next release of
 RMS Express. A few other developers are also using this helper application
 (e.g. BPQ 32) to build in WINMOR ports.

 Steve K4CJX is taking care of distributing the latest full install (auto
 update not possible with this RMS WINMOR release). If you are a RMS WINMOR
 sysop and have not yet received the new install package please contact Steve

 Those that are interested in putting up a full time RMS WINMOR portal for
 WL2K please contact Steve and he can provide the software and keycode needed
 to activate the RMS WINMOR server. Requirements for RMS WINMOR

 1) Full time internet connection (speed not critical)

 2) Commitment for 24/7 or near full time operation.

 3) Dedicated radio, sound card and sound card interface.

 4) Decent antenna for the band(s) used.

 5) Radio control (serial or USB) if multi band operation desired.

 6) UPS for computer and battery backup for radio desirable.

 We hope to have the next release of RMS Express out in a week or two. This
 will use the above WINMOR TNC, include propagation prediction to aid in
 selecting RMS WINMOR stations, peer-to-peer, Telnet, WINMOR, Pactor and
 Packet support. Future plans will include a FEC keyboard mode for some

 Again thanks for your help, participation and feedback.


 Rick Muething, KN6KB

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 SNOS also uses the Winmor TNC, and is freely available.
 It also links directly to CMS, in the same manner as RMS.
 There are a dozen or so systems doing testing here in the PNW.



 Can you send me a little description and capabilities of SNOS? Thanks.



Short description:

Embedded operating system. Many of us run it on Mini ITX boards.
tcp / ip and rfc based. Does pop / smtp / nntp / nttp / dns / etc.
Managed via web interface. Think of it as "an ISP in a box".

Goal: to translate connections, email, newsgroups between protocols.

Supports AX.25, ethernet, Winmor at the physical layer, NET/ROM and
TCP at the transport layer (and AX.25 transport of course).
Automatic tcp/ip host discovery and network route table construction
and exchange via arp evesdrop, arp poll, rip.
i.e. you can put one on air and it will automatically integrate itself into
the local RF network.

The Winmor interfaces are available in the "NET/ROM user interface".
In fact N7QDN has used that capability to connect to various stations
via his packet link here. He has also mapped my Winmor TNCs into
his SNOS node as virtual interfaces, over tcp/ip via packet, and that
works as well. The concept here is "remote HF station control".

Current priorities: translate Winlink attachments to/from standard
rfc-822 formats. Sketched out, ready to code. Control of the radios
via CAT, etc. etc. This was in a prior version, code needs to be
re-integrated. Deployment of a half dozen more local systems.

There is much more ...

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