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Kenny Richards kenny at
Tue Mar 2 14:51:31 PST 2010

Speaking of Linksys device hacking...

Has anybody successfully put Ken's OpenWRT image (with all the pieces
included for digi_ned and ax25 support) on a 'stock' WRT54G device?  I
spent quite a bit of time this weekend trying to get the image posted
on wetnet to install on both a WRT54G v4 device and a WRT54GL device
with no luck.  The notes only talk about testing it on a nslug or a
WRT54GLS, so I'm wondering if it just hasn't been test or if I'm just
doing something really stupid.  I've successfully gone to other images
without a problem (DD-WRT and Tomato).

I haven't wanted to go down the road of creating my own image, but
will probably start that tonight. (Maybe I should build the JTAG cable
first? :-)


On Tue, Mar 2, 2010 at 5:00 PM, Bill V WA7NWP <wa7nwp at> wrote:
> I'm putting most of the little task-check-off's on my
> account.   That means I save my seatcp
> posting spam for the more significant steps forward..
> Here's my latest tweet:
>>  Nice step forward in the NSLU2 farm.  #4 is on the main LAN and I've rediscovered the password.  Now to get the D7 and #digined on #2 - slugoft
> I wonder if there have been many networks with 4 slugs running at once...
> #1 - stock firmware with 2 250GB drives doing bandaid backups until I
> can get more storage on line.   (If there's any money left after
> Puyallup swapfest this weekend - Fry's is on the way home...)
> #2 - the SLUGOFT is well unslung and making good progress.  Next step
> here is to figure out with DB-9 (hi Curt) combination takes it to the
> D7.   Once picocom is talking to the TNC, I can put it into KISS mode
> and then start installing DIGI_NED
> #3 - SLUGNWP - this is my hacked slug.  It was unslug to a 700 MB 2.5"
> worn out thrown away laptop drive (thanks Mr Bob D!).   I've retired
> the old drive and need to redo the unslunging to a 4 GB thumb drive.
> Ah the magic of the unslung system.  Don't like what you have --
> replace or reformat the thumb drive and start over.  This will give me
> a system virtually identical to #2 for packet play.
> #4 - SLUGFPF.   Currently a very dated OpenSlug image.   I need to
> grok upslug to replace it with unslung so it can play along with #2
> and #3
> My other slug still in a box will probably get Debian.   It'll be
> interesting to see how a 'real Linux' flies compared to the embedded
> versions as used in the other slugs.
> Onward  (and to work...)
> 73
> Bill - WA7NWP
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