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Steve Stroh steve at stevestroh.net
Mon Mar 8 15:37:05 PST 2010

Scored a satellite PSK modem card from AC7FT.

Bought various doodads like cheap USB extension cables and a
neat-looking and cheap RJ45 (Ethernet) cable scanner.

Was kinda looking for a 1.2 GHz mobile radio, but didn't see one.

Owners of HF rigs continue to be very proud of them and their prices
reflect that.

No commercial vendors that I saw other than Icom; makes me long for
Dayton and seeing all the oddball / cool stuff from little vendors
stuffed into the corners or cheaping it out in the parking lot.

I was surprised at the number of PK-232s I saw for sale; I'm guessing
the sound card modes are obsoleting them. Was also looking for
Motorola mobile speakers, but only saw a handful, including a couple
that had been polished up and offered for sale for $25.

Deal of the day had to be Dennis AC7FT offering a fully working Sun
workstation for $1 cash and carry. If I had ANYWHERE to put it in my
increasingly crowded shack/office, I would have taken it. I had pangs
of regret, but ultimately I had to walk away from it 'cause it would
have impacted other projects in progress.

I would have bought a book on Amateur Satellites in 2010 satellites
from the AMSAT table if I could have gotten close, but I waited two
minutes to try to crowd in and the crush was 2 butts deep and not
budging, so I cruised on.

Apologies to all who I only said a brief "Hi" to - I had another
commitment that required me to be in Everett by 14:00 and I didn't
have much time to chat if I wanted to cruise all the goodies at least
once before departing.



On Mon, Mar 8, 2010 at 15:13, David Flood <davidf4 at mindspring.com> wrote:
> Where are all the "I got this neat toy / great deal / piece of junk" or even "I had fun" reports from Puyallup?  Those of us who stayed home and did other things need to live vicariously through you'all!
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