Ok...it's been more than 24 hours...

Lyle Johnson kk7p at wavecable.com
Mon Mar 8 16:49:03 PST 2010

>> Yes, flarq is cool.  And PK232 only covers that if you have the version with
>> the soundcard interface!  And of course, winmor may eventually displace
>> AMTOR mailboxes... :-)
> Winmor may displace the Pactor I and Pactor II mailboxes.   I believe
> the AMTOR mailboxes never made it to the 21st century...


I was surprised at the level of (apparent) AMTOR-A activity in Europe 
that led to all sorts of code writing in the K3 to be sure we supported 
it well.  There seems to be a small but dedicated faction over there.  
Probably using Amiga computers if not Acorn RISC PC's...

Lyle - KK7P

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