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Lyle Johnson kk7p at wavecable.com
Mon Mar 8 18:08:28 PST 2010

> Probably the most impressive thing I saw there was an Original TAPR 
> TNC (early 1970's) 

The Alpha TNC (only 12 made, I may have the only remaining one since 
they had to be traded in to get the Beta TNC) was built in 1982.  The 
Beta TNC (approx 200 units) were distributed in 1983.  The kit TNC was 
sold from 1983 until the late spring of 1985 (approx 3,000 units).  The 
TNC2 was made in 1985 only, and limited to a production of 1200 as part 
of our marketing agreement to the TNC2 licensees.  The first few hundred 
had 4 LEDs on the front panel, the remainder had an improved PCB layout 
and had 5 LEDs.  Memories...

Lyle KK7P

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