Ok...it's been more than 24 hours...

Don Fanning don at 00100100.net
Mon Mar 8 20:37:09 PST 2010

Actually I got a few netras.... one of them is a X1.  That little 
machine is whisper quiet, twice as fast as a sparc 20 and it's half the 
size of the current handbook.  Right now it's loaned to my company as a 
radius machine but it'll probably come back home within the next few 

SGI's had the most interesting cases.... their *nix was ok as well.  I 
had a full Indy setup with the camera... all of it was woefully 
underpowered for todays standards but it had alot of interesting 

The only classic Mac I'd own is a Quadra 950.... but my Powerbook G4 
with 10.4 + classic works..  Amiga on the other hand... (I miss my old 

Kenny Richards wrote:
> I know, but they were just such a perfect machine in so many ways.
> (I've actually had two of them in the past, I even gutted a SPARC2 and
> stuck a Intel PC into it)  The case design is every bit as good as any
> Macintosh and I loved SunOS!
> Kenny
> On Mon, Mar 8, 2010 at 7:37 PM, Don Fanning <don at 00100100.net> wrote:
>> I think it was only a Sparcstation 1 pizzabox... RE-PC couldn't give those
>> things away. :)
>> Now if it was a NeXTStation (preferably color) then i'd be on that.... But I
>> got the Intel discs so no worries.
>> Even an Alpha would be cool.
>> Kenny Richards wrote:
>>> I also noticed the huge number of PK232's for sale, found that a
>>> little odd.  I have to laugh, I saw the full Sun Sparc station and
>>> almost bought it as well. :-)
>>> 73,
>>> Kenny
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