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Gary P. Fiber gfiber at
Thu Mar 11 09:21:12 PST 2010

I had not paid much mind to media players and was going to ask Bill why 
he needed one when the TiVo does Netflix and maybe internet though I 
have not played with mine much. Now after reading a short blurb about it 
I see if you download some video and have it on a hard drive or USB 
stick then the media Player is the ticket to watch it on your TV.

Also Bill my TiVo went bad so I got another from TiVo direct last week. 
The first TiVo started restarting about every hour or so.
I opted for express shipping which they charged me for another new one, 
but they say that money will be refunded one they receive the broken one 
they did send a prepaid UPS label via email..  I also found the Encore 
channels work much better when you DO enable them as pay channels in the 
TiVo set up. DUH! hehehehehe yep I am such a technical guy.

So you like the Samsung player Bob. I have a 3 year old Sony but its not 
Blue-Ray. I may grab one at Costco this spring.

Gary K8IZ

On 3/11/2010 8:27 AM, Bob Nielsen wrote:
> Bill V WA7NWP wrote:
>> I picked up the Western Digital HD Live media player at Frys on the
>> way home form Puyallup.   This was in place of the Netgear EVA2000 I
>> found at the local Radio Shack store last week...
>> or at Amazon
>> <> 
>> (Did I get that 'click here to buy and buy Bill a beer' link right?)
>> So far - experience with the player hasn't been perfect but it's
>> certainly promising.
>> I started out with a single USB drive.  It found the movies and music
>> and played 'almost' everything.   No audio on some of the movies and
>> one show was jerky.
>> As usual, it's not a fair test drive unless the latest firmware is
>> used.   Tonight I hooked up the LAN and presto - it greeted me with
>> "new firmware available."    It came with and updated to
>>   When I came back I found it was once again ready to update
>> - now from .17 to the latest version   I'll see how that
>> works now.  So far the features, support and operation have been
>> nothing but promising.   It's a FB little box...
>> Oh - I hadn't really been looking for all the network functionality
>> but it's there...  You Tube or logging in to existing network
>> shares...   Cool!
> All the reviews I have seen on the WD Live were pretty positive.  I 
> almost bought one but when I was at Costco last week they had a 
> Samsung BD-C5500 blu-ray player with network capability including DLNA 
> and Netflix for $160 so I went with that.
> I can't seem to get it to work with the Tversity server on my Win 7 
> box, but it views nearly all of the videos I have on my Mac Mini 
> running EyeConnect software. I also looked at a video on a USB stick 
> and signed up for the Netflix 30 day free trial. The quality of the 
> streaming video looks quite good, as do DVDs (I haven't tried Blu-Ray 
> yet). With my glaucoma I can't tell much difference but it seems to do 
> a better job with streaming than my Directv HD receiver (which also 
> will stream media from the computers). The navigation is a bit clunky 
> but it works with my Harmony 800 remote that handles all of my A/V 
> equipment.
> 73 Bob N7XY
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