Media Player

Bill V WA7NWP wa7nwp at
Thu Mar 11 09:58:56 PST 2010

> I had not paid much mind to media players and was going to ask Bill why he
> needed one when the TiVo does Netflix and maybe internet though I have not
> played with mine much. Now after reading a short blurb about it I see if you
> download some video and have it on a hard drive or USB stick then the media
> Player is the ticket to watch it on your TV.

TiVo is still our primary media device.   With pyTivo running on a
server WinXP pc, we have access to the entire media collection as well
as opportunites to build home grown plugins.  (APRS comes to mind?
Net44 RIP packets -- now that's exciting...)

The primary excuse for the home media player project is to load up a
drive with the appropriate content and set it up for the folks back in
Montana.   There's a lot of cool stuff we've captured here that they
would enjoy.

A future looking portion of the media player project is that it may be
a resource for my ultimate goal of complete media/radio/etc access in
every room of the house.   A $100 (plus) hacked media box would
probably be a valuable widget for some of the rooms that don't need
the additional CPU horsepower.

> Also Bill my TiVo went bad

Sorry to hear that.  You've had a string of bad luck with them.
(Knock on something...)

>  I also found the Encore channels
> work much better when you DO enable them as pay channels in the TiVo set up.
> DUH! hehehehehe yep I am such a technical guy.

Hmm.  I didn't have to do anything special.   Are you paying for them
or is is just #149?

Maybe I'm missing something.


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