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Fri Mar 12 16:59:39 PST 2010


The SSDs simply don't have the life cycle issues any more. The
chipsets can be better at wear leveling because there's far more
(financial) margin in the SSDs as compared to bare bones flash chips,
USB flash drives, etc.

Bottom line to is that they're going to live at least as long as
spinning platter drives, and be a lot quieter, faster, and lower power

And soon enough, physically smaller, so yet more interesting form factors.



On Fri, Mar 12, 2010 at 16:09, Gary Fiber <gfiber at> wrote:
> Pretty nice.
> I have a Shuttle Barebones K45 for my Linux PC Board CNC machine. Using an
> Intel Core 2 Duo 2 gigs of ram, 120 gig hard drive. Ubuntu real time OS with
> EMC2 for the CNC control along with a Gecko 540 stepper motor driver.
> Been reliable so far and the on board parallel port drives the stepper
> driver just fine. The trouble with the real time OS is it only uses one core
> so a single core processor would work just fine for the CNC.
> Those SSD's look nice, I am not sure how many write / rewrite cycles they
> will do but probably more than most of use can accomplish in our lifetimes.
> I'll have to look at the Kingston and Intel SSD's for that info.
> Gary k8IZ

steve at

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