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Don Fanning don at
Mon Mar 15 11:00:39 PDT 2010

It's too bad all the fun toys people want loads of money for... sort of like
the USRP...

Maybe we should develop our own and open source it?  I hear there are
electronic engineers and board makers in oregon going hungry... :)

On Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 10:49 AM, Gary P. Fiber <gfiber at> wrote:

> Well I looked at the online store and the 2 watt VHF
> transceiver retails for $1,470.00.
> Nice specs but just a bit more than I want to pay. I suspect under the
> paint it surely has to be made of solid gold with diamond diodes and
> platinum solder.
> I saw it in GPS World magazine, guess I should not figure it would be a
> couple of hundred dollars.
> Gary K8IZ
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