New D-STAR Group for 23cm & More

Mark Thompson wb9qzb_groups at
Tue Mar 16 21:13:16 PDT 2010

New D-STAR Group for 23cm & More

A group has been formed dedicated to the use of D-STAR on the 23cm (1.2 GHz) band & D-STAR technology. 

The group covers D-STAR Digital Voice(DV) and High-Speed Data(DD) using the Icom ID-1 mobile, IC-9100 transceiver, RP-1V & RP-2V Digital Voice Repeaters, RP-1D & RP-2D Data Access Points.

Applications using 23cm High-Speed IP Data(DD) and the Digital Voice(DV) Low-speed Data capabilities are also covered. 

Extensive information about all aspects of D-STAR Digital Voice & Data technology is in dozens of Files, Links & Photos stored on the group.
You join the group at:


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