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Thu Mar 18 06:33:51 PDT 2010

Hi Don:

A correction to what you proposed.

The channel size of the ID-1 doing 128 Kbps is on the order of 130
KHz, not 6 MHz.

Back in the day, we had trouble getting transverters that would
operate at 100 KHz channels, let alone 6 MHz. Probably could be done,
but I doubt it's "cheap, off the shelf".



On Tue, Mar 16, 2010 at 22:05, Don Fanning <don at> wrote:
> I was afraid that this thread would turn that direction.... not really my
> intent behind my comments...
> While I agree that price and religion are important issues that affect the
> hobby, I'm all about finding solutions rather than going round and round in
> circles in what basically amounts to "Ford" or "Chevy" arguments.  I think
> all of us agree that no one cares what car we ride in as long as we get
> there.
> Makes sense then... When I was at Puyallup and standing in the Icom booth, I
> really considered buying a D-Star radio right there.  But I decided that
> making my own version of the USRP devices was more important as well as a
> platform for experimenting with future projects like D-Star...
> I think that the only thing that most of us would want out of the platform
> is the DD mode.  DV is great but that's only $200 and a dongle away from any
> real setup we'd put together.
> I know that DutchStar is coming out with a DM-1 GMSK modem sometime in the
> future.  And in the research I've done, many other people have brewed up
> their own GMSK modems (whether it's just the demodulator half for AIS or
> whatever).  So that's probably like 50-100 bux of parts on a breadboard
> until a PCB is designed.
> Then it's just the matter of a 23cm radio.  I've seen cheapo chinese TV
> transceivers for 30 bux.  The ATV kits from australia go for about 60 bux
> per RF side.  So that's $120 for FM tx/rx.  Pipe that into the breadboard
> and that brings our goal to $220.  Toss a 1.2ghz amp onto it and we're still
> looking less than $400.  That brings it inline with the cost of a ID-800h
> give or take the AMBE and *it's faster*.  I'd support a project like this.
>  The ATV transmitters/receivers would work perfectly I think... it runs FM
> modulation like the ID-1.  It also has roughly the same bandwidth as the
> ID-1 (6-6.25mhz).   Might even be able to repurpose ATV repeaters as well...
> but I don't think there were ever that many to begin with.
> So I think there are solutions for those who are not willing to pay the
> convenience charge.
> To me that's alot what the hobby is about.  Maybe it's my early memories of
> my dad trying to build a radio out of an old TV. Or all the home brewing my
> ex father-in-law did in his garage from radios to antennas to audio gear.  I
> just feel that without other options for something that is changing the
> landscape of our hobby, we'd become less like experimenters and more like
> gratis lessee's of some radio spectrum given to us by the graces of the FCC.
> Again, I regret that the thread has turned into yet another civil war about
> D-Star.  It's spring and I understand that this is the time when people go
> off in new directions.  Irregardless of whatever direction we decide to go,
> I hope that all of us make it to the same location.
> 73 de Don (KL7EET)

steve at

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