Help with Vegan Android version...

Kenny Richards richark at
Sun Apr 10 11:44:36 PDT 2011

So I finally got my tablet moved over to the vegan version of the ROM.
 Besides being faster and a whole lot more stable, it has picked up quite a
few 'phone' things.  I'm good with all of that, except for one thing.  I
can't seem to get it to talk with my mac via the USB link any more.  The
original ROM would ask when I plugged it into my mac if I wanted to mount
the tablet internal disk.  But the Vegan ROM just tells me the USB is
connected and that is about it.

I've been going back to the bootloader and manually mounting the drive to
move stuff over, but this sucks.  What am I missing to get it to mount as a
drive on my mac?


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