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Bob Nielsen n7xy at
Sun Apr 10 12:50:56 PDT 2011

I have experienced the same issue with my Nook after rooting and upgrading.  

For transferring files, etc., I installed a ftp server app and  use FTP over wi-fi.   I tried an app which did SCP but didn't have any luck with that.

Since the USB connection didn't work I couldn't use adb either.  However, I installed the ADBWireless app and the Nook will communicate with my Mac using wi-fi.  When you run ADBWireless, it connects, then displays the IP address of the device and the port to use (in my case  I then run the following command "adb connect" and  it works in the same manner as if I used ADB over a USB connection.


On Apr 10, 2011, at 11:44 AM, Kenny Richards wrote:

> So I finally got my tablet moved over to the vegan version of the ROM.
> Besides being faster and a whole lot more stable, it has picked up quite a
> few 'phone' things.  I'm good with all of that, except for one thing.  I
> can't seem to get it to talk with my mac via the USB link any more.  The
> original ROM would ask when I plugged it into my mac if I wanted to mount
> the tablet internal disk.  But the Vegan ROM just tells me the USB is
> connected and that is about it.
> I've been going back to the bootloader and manually mounting the drive to
> move stuff over, but this sucks.  What am I missing to get it to mount as a
> drive on my mac?
> Kenny
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