Gifting books on the kindle...

Lyle Johnson kk7p at
Wed Feb 2 10:52:46 PST 2011

I've not tried it.

One of the _/*big*/_ drawbacks to the Kindle is that you can't trade a 
book, sell a book or give away a book -- all things you can readily and 
easily do with a printed book.

You can loan a Kindle book, but that only applies to books the publisher 
has specifically enabled for lending, and then there are lots of 
restrictions: the loan is for a 14-day period only, you must wait 7 days 
after loaning before you can loan it again, you must in in the United 
States to loan, etc.


Lyle KK7P

> Has anybody tried this?   Does the resulting email just contain one of
> those big long magic Amazon codes?   Would there be a better way for
> the boss to use the company credit card to buy me ebooks?

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