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Gary P. Fiber gfiber at
Wed Feb 2 15:23:29 PST 2011

Seems when I purchase something like this I always get the one others 
are not using or has less support than other products.
I grabbed a TI-99/4A and all my friends had Radio Shack Color Computers, 
I was software poor. :(

Its nice having similar products like the TH-F6 as I can ask others how 
to do something when I don't know how.

I generally buy a new handbook every other year or so and give the old 
one away, my 2007 Handbook in on the shelf at work. Gave my 2009 one to 
a new ham so I bought a 2010. I would like to get that in PDF and use an 
e-book reader for it.

I have a Mastering Windows Server 2003 book on the shelf, its 1752 pages 
long and weighs about 5 lbs. Good candidate for an e-book reader is 
available. I too have old book I'll likely never part with like 
Electronic Communications by Robert Schrader W6BNB, however some old 
biiks are out dated and if available in e-book format would be easier to 
change out.

So thanks for the input, now to decide if I really want a e-book reader 
so I'll look at them some more, see what books are available and decide.

Any of you have an IC-7000? Right at 4:00 PM I am hearing a 
beep..beep..beep..Long Beep and I think its coming from the IC-7000 to 
mark 0.00 hrs UTC.
I have to shut down the FTM-350R to see its not coming from that rig I 
though ti it might be GPS time mark but I park in a parking garage and 
the GPS is not seeing the birds then.

Gary K8IZ

Gary P. Fiber K8IZ

General Radio Telephone Operators License PG-19-6691,
with Shipboard Radar Endorsement.
Washington State Resident.

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