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>On Wed, 1 Jun 2011, Bill V WA7NWP wrote:
>> Sigh.   A sad moment indeed.   The last of the CRT monitors has left
>> the premises.   (There are still 3 crt TV's...)
>> But wow - maybe a gold mine for wifi gizmos...  PC Recycle in
>> has stacks of WRT54G's...   I didn't see any GL's but I didn't have
>> time to check closely.
>Look for WRT54GS V2.1 (notice the 'S').  Those are what I have and you
>can hack in two serial ports (with a MAX-232 chip and a 5V regulator),
>plus have 8MB flash and 32MB RAM.
>It looks like 2.0 through 3.0 also have 8MB flash/32MB RAM.  I don't
>think the 1.0's had serial ports.  You can find these kinds of devices
>for $5 or so now at Goodwill and similar places.  Many of the later
>models have less flash and/or less RAM.
>I have Asterisk installed now but haven't started configuring anything
>on it yet.  Found where the config files reside though.  Have one of
>the analog phone -> SIP adapters so am going to try that first.
>Check the table for G, GL, GS, and WRTSL54GS (that last has a USB port,
>but I haven't checked whether DR-WRT or OpenWRT support that model). 

The SKAGIT digi is an SL54G so yes OpenWRT supports it.  Flash the same image as you have for your 54g.

>Each has varying amounts of flash & RAM depending on model number:
>Curt, WE7U.
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