Viewsonic G-Tablet is on again

Curt, WE7U curt.we7u at
Mon Jun 6 10:01:33 PDT 2011

The Android tablet that a bunch of us here in W. WA bought is up on again today if anyone is interested.

This is a good entry-level tablet and quite hackable firmware-wise.  Several of us have flashed "VeganTab" into ours, but there are plenty of other "ROM's" to choose from.  I'm waiting for the Honeycomb alpha to become a little less alpha, then will probably flash that into mine.

For WA people:  There's a special code you can enter at checkout to get $5 off or so on taxes, if that still works.  I think it was "TAXSUCKS" or similar.  Do a search and you'll find that.  Taxes on mine were $27 or so, shipped from TX.  I didn't enter the code.

These things don't have any cell-phone or GPS circuitry in them, but have 802.11 b/g/n.  I've heard there's a GPS module you can obtain and put inside.  They run U2APRS and APRSdroid.

Curt, WE7U.
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