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Thu Jun 9 16:49:17 PDT 2011

That's all cool but do you do anything to automatically keep the user
accounts in sync.  It would probably be easier to always pull all
email off the servers rather than keep online Imap..     Or is the
IMAP database somehow replicated so the backup keeps up to date?

Cool stuff we have to play with these days.


On Thu, Jun 9, 2011 at 4:26 PM, Jeff Francis™ <jfrancis at> wrote:
>  Having a backup mail server is pretty much par for the course for a long
> long time now.  I was talking about having a second, redundant but unused
> mail infrastructure on a completely different IP range.  If/when you get
> blacklisted, you change your MX records (as well as the DNS records for your
> user access to IMAP/POP) to the new infrastructure while you deal with the
> blacklist extortion guys.  This doesn't have to be fancy or expensive, you
> can get a linux xen instance in a datacenter for almost nothing.  I have
> three servers, one in San Jose, one in London, and one in Amsterdam, all for
> a combined total of $30/month.  That price even includes dual-stack
> IPv4/IPv6 connectivity.  Infrastructure is cheap these days.  You can also
> get Windows xen instances if you're into pain and suffering (though they
> cost a fair bit more).
> On Thu, Jun 9, 2011 at 3:51 PM, Bill V WA7NWP <wa7nwp at> wrote:
>> On Thu, Jun 9, 2011 at 3:12 PM, Jeff Francis™ <jfrancis at> wrote:
>> >  One of a long list of reasons why dual-homing is critical these days (or
>> > at least dual mailservers on completely different IP ranges).  That way
>> you
>> > can flip your DNS to the alternate site/network/mailserver when your
>> > netblock gets blacklisted until you can clear things up.
>> Ok...  I know, and am finally using, a backup MX scheme so if the
>> primary mailserver has an issue at least the mail will have a place to
>> go to until the primary is back on line.   Is that what you're talking
>> about or do you have some magic where it's possible to have mail
>> delivered and picked up from both a primary host and a secondary
>> that's ready to take over if there are problems with the primary?
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