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Then there was the grumpy old man in Enumclaw who used a Xerox 820 for packet. It had a loud bell on it. Control G's in packets made this bell ring. Rather than disabling the bell he simply "grumped" at packeteers who included Control G's in their packets to get the attention of friends since the loud bell disturbed his family. How many of you remember him?


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> There's been some chat on the APRS groups about how we shouldn't
> include the tilde and bar (~ and |) in APRS packets as those are
> streamswitch characters and having them in the packet data might
> confuse the TNC for folks running programs that use CONV mode.
> Now am I just turning into a grumpy old man or is that a bit
> ridiculous and would be holding us back in the 1980's?
> Bill - WA7NWP
> PS.  Yes I know - this grumpy old man thing and the streamswitch issue
> are totally independent...
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