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(See attached file: circuit merit.pdf)

Signal Reporting – Circuit Merit
CM5 - Completely clear, broadcast quality. Each word is fully
without any objectionable interference or noise; on FM, full quieting.
Always breaks
squelch (*). This designator is not always earned on FM, and seldom on
SSB; as
conditions must be superb.
CM4 - Clear with a slight amount of noise and/or interference. Each word
understood. Always breaks squelch. A common report for solid SSB voice
under very good conditions; the FM equivalent is a slight amount of
“white noise” behind
the transmission.
CM3 - Static and/or interference is present. Bulk of transmissions are
understood without having to be repeated. Usually breaks squelch. CM3 is
considered to be at the margin of acceptable voice communications,
particularly when
using squelched FM.
CM2 – The noise level very close to signal level. Static and / or
interference very prevalent; words are missed, retransmissions are
Won’t break squelch reliably. CM2 is not considered not acceptable or
CM1 – A signal is barely evident and words are unintelligible. You can
that someone is “there” but will not break squelch. CM1 is deemed
unusable for voice
CM0 - Absolutely no signal is detectable.

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So what's up with the folks checking into nets and every body is
saying, "I am Charley Mike Five."    It looks like some new MARS or
NIMS something.   (Hmmm - is that intention obfuscation of information
on amateur channels?)

Bill - WA7NWP
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