Circuit merit silliness

Grant Hopper kb7wsd at
Fri Oct 7 21:23:02 PDT 2011

And, Circuit Merit is actually from the Telecom industry and meant for
troubleshooting and classifying the quality of a landline.  It was actually
taken from the RST system that Radio Operators (that's us guys) developed
two decades before Circuit Merit.  The So CA ARES explanation of Circuit
Merit (in a 2004 Publication) is complete bull.

I was studying Electrical Engineering in the early 80's and it was described
in texts then as "an old system".  I have telecom references from the 60's
that refer to it as well.  Revisionist history really pisses me off (if you
can't tell.)  I just don't get what the So CA ARES folks get out of making
stuff up (or calling the RST system "old and atiquitated" or "vague,
complicated and inaccurate" when the CM system uses similar wording, the
same 5 levels of classification and no one except the "cool em-com elite"
actually wants to use it.)

Grrr  ant

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