Not strictly amateur radio, but will be on 915 Mhz.

Lyle Johnson kk7p4dsp at
Thu Aug 2 13:15:28 PDT 2012

Higher orbits are very, very hard to come by (meaning a launch cost in 
the millions of dollars) -- as are spacecraft suitable for same.  ANd 
our government's attitude and policy that on a practical basis prohibits 
us from collaborating with our AMSAT colleagues in other countries 
virtually ensures no more high orbit missions for at least the next 
decade or two.


Lyle  KK7P (who has done a lot of AMSAT spacecraft work when amateur 
satellites weren't classified as weapons)

> Yup. Amsat is up to $6.5k after how many months/years of donations?
> These guys have accumulated $30k in 2 weeks! Maybe some people 
> associated with amsat will be paying attention when this succeeds.
> I'd love to see some more birds - especially some birds in a little 
> bit higher orbit!
> -Adam
> On 8/2/2012 12:23 PM, Steve Stroh wrote:
>> Scroll down a bit to see the AMSAT Fox Cubesat donation widget. It's 
>> all the way up to $6,580!
>> AMSAT would appear to have a thing or two to learn about marketing in 
>> this era - like using Kickstarter.
>> Thanks,
>> Steve
>> On Thu, Aug 2, 2012 at 12:15 PM, Adam Jacobs <adam at 
>> <mailto:adam at>> wrote:
>>     I'd love to see an amsat launched using this model.

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