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Sun Aug 5 19:12:07 PDT 2012

When the TNC cost more than the computer, and is bigger than the computer....

Can't someone use the Raspberry Pi onboard sound with that soundcard
modem code:?


>Cool.  Tnc is bigger than the computer!
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Date: Aug 5, 2012 5:44 AM
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Hi folks,

I've got a modified TNC-X working with the PI. See photos



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> Hi all,
> The pi seems to be a pretty useful device! I've got ax.25 and NETROM
> on it, with KISS and BPQETHER ports. Getting the ax.25 stuff going is
> reasonably easy if you are familiar with the linux stacks, but if anyone
> struggling I can give a few hints. I'm working on a design for a stackable
> plug-in TNC board for it, but that may take a little while, as I'm away
> sailing a lot during the summer.


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