On the Eve of Cancellation - 15th Annual Summer Gathering - 2012

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Mon Aug 13 07:00:00 PDT 2012

I will attend.


On 8/12/2012 9:18 PM, cb wrote:
> **
> *Below I've appended the emails to the group soliciting talks, 
> commitments to attend, reservations and offers to help...*
> **
> *So far no word has been heard from any of you with the exception of 2 
> (thank you both!...).*
> **
> *Thom and Teena are at a decision point.  They need to hear from you 
> with your intentions or they need to rent the camp out to 
> another group to pay the bills. *
> **
> *Our September weekends is one of the great ones each year at Valley 
> Camp. *
> **
> *We all have the opportunity to enjoy the camp again and do our APRS 
> things as well. *
> **
> *There has been a lot happening in the APRS world and I suspect many 
> of you share continuing interest and desire to learn more. *
> **
> *I won't rehash what both I and Thom said July 3rd and July 24th, 
> respectively.*
> **
> *I'll still cook you a fantastic breakfast on Saturday as a donation 
> to the event.*
> **
> *If you want to see a 15th Annual Summer Gathering, please call Thom 
> and reserve a* *spot.  425-888-1852 or email info at valleycamp.org 
> <mailto:info at valleycamp.org> *
> **
> *Thanks!*
> **
> *vy 73 de WR5J*
> *Curt Black *
> *Obviously I'm no David Dobbins...*
> *206 755-4541c*
> **
> **
> **
> HERE IS THE MESSAGE that I sent out:
> **
> *From:* Curt Black [mailto:Black.Curt at epamail.epa.gov]
> *Sent:* Tuesday, July 03, 2012 11:53 AM
> *To:* nwaprssig at nwaprs.info
> *Cc:* wr5j at arrl.net
> *Subject:* 15th Annual Summer Gathering - Planning Process and Request 
> for Speakers and Planners to Again Join Us
> Greetings Northwest APRS users, movers, shakers and fans of the Summer 
> Gathering!
> The arrival of the Fourth of July is my trigger for getting the 15th 
> Annual Summer Gathering off the ground.
> So, first - _Save the Date_: Friday through Sunday, September 7, 8 and 
> 9th with the technical / educational / discussion content on Saturday 
> the 8th.
> Second, plan to attend. The parts you like have been retained. The 
> social interaction, the access to knowledgeable people, the chance to 
> mess with new radios and software and the beautiful setting at Valley 
> Camp near North Bend all remain the same. The focus remains on APRS - 
> the whole expanding universe of tools, techniques, software and 
> hardware for tracking, messaging, and resource announcing.
> Third, if you gave a talk last year, please consider updating us on 
> the tool, software or technique you shared. There has been much 
> development of new hardware, and considerable progress in passing APRS 
> data across many systems from packet to D-Star to HSMM. If you didn't 
> have a chance to share last year, please consider this as your 
> invitation to talk this year. Either way, please send me a title, 
> brief abstract of your topic and your phone and email contact 
> information. That is all it will take to get you onto the Saturday 
> agenda.
> We remain possibly the friendliest group in amateur radio and continue 
> to strive to be the place to come for help getting started and staying 
> abreast of all things "Automatic Packet Reporting System." --- 
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automatic_Packet_Reporting_System.
> We continue to meet at the most laid-back, natural and lovely venue 
> available to amateur radio: Valley Camp
> Valley Camp, 49515 SE Middle Fork RD., North Bend, WA 98045
> We share a number of meals and libations during Summer Gathering - 
> more info will follow on bringing potluck items and/or grill-able food 
> items. Saturday breakfast will be hosted by the West Seattle ARC
> Contact our hosts, Thom or Teena for arrangements for RV parking, 
> camping or possible access to the bunkhouse/lodge by calling 
> 425-888-1852 or email info at valleycamp.org
> More information can be found on the web about Valley Camp or the 
> NWAPRS Group: http://www.nwaprs.info/
> You don't have to enjoy public speaking to help with the event. We 
> will be having a few organizational calls on Skype and or at the camp 
> before the event. To be added to the contact list for those 
> calls/meetings just email wr5j at arrl.net and express your interest.
> Thanks! I look forward to seeing everyone again for the 15th Annual 
> Summer Gathering.
> Call or write with any questions or comments, to get onto the agenda 
> or to offer to assist with planning.
> vy 73 de WR5J,
> Curt Black
> West Seattle Amateur Radio Club
> wr5j at arrl.net
> 206 755-4541c
> ..
> From: nwaprssig-admin at nwaprs.info 
> <mailto:nwaprssig-admin at nwaprs.info>; on behalf of; K7FZO 
> [k7fzo.thom at gmail.com]
> To: nwaprssig at nwaprs.info <mailto:nwaprssig at nwaprs.info>
> Sent: Tue 7/24/2012 4:20 PM
> Subject: [nwaprssig] 15th Annual NW APRS Summer Gathering - Call for 
> presentations
> Greetings everyone,
> Here we are with less than two months to the 15th annual summer 
> gathering, so it is time we get our collective acts together and begin 
> planning our event.
> With so many new things happening in the APRS world we ought to be 
> able to fill the weekend with great presentations and discussions.
> What we need is about 5 key presentations, 4 or 5 demonstrations, and 
> some Subject Matter Experts to circulate between presentations on 
> Saturday. If there is enough interest we will expand the entire 
> program over into Sunday.
> What are you doing with APRS that you would like to share?
> Are you running APRS on a new platform such as the Android?
> Are you using any of the new hardware?
> Have you become an expert with the Kenwood hardware?
> Are you using messaging within APRS?
> Do you know how DStar and APRS work together?
> What would you like to know? Do you need something fixed? Other thoughts?
> Please share with the group here at the nwaprssig what you can offer 
> as well as what you might like to see demonstrated.
> The event is once again the weekend after Labor Day, September 7th, 
> 8th & 9th 2012, at Valley Camp east of North Bend Washington.
> This is just the start of the planning so all ideas are open for 
> discussion.
> We also need someone to update the website as the event unfolds, any 
> takers?
> Please forward this on to other individuals or groups you think might 
> be interested.
> 73,
> Thom / K7FZO
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