Q for the group: Help Identify a Mystery Antenna ?

Ken W6HHC W6HHC at ARRL.net
Wed Aug 22 14:36:39 PDT 2012

It looks sort of like a camera to me.....maybe with a motion/pan control box

....de Ken W6HHC

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Hi All,

A buddy sent me a photo of an odd antenna (at least that's what we think 
it is), and asked me if I could I.D. it.  I have a hunch I've seen 
something similar before in an amateur radio context - but I cannot for 
the life of me tease the information from grey-matter memory.

I've posted a picture of it onto Photobucket (link below). The picture 
quality is not great, as it was taken with a cellphone camera.


The object appears to be a rectangualar box, less than 12 inches on each 
side, and perhaps 6 inches deep. A feed line (?) is attached and runs 
down the mast and tower. Overall height above ground is about 55-60 feet.

I have no other details, except that the tower is located on private 
land on a hilltop. My best guess is a UHF or higher frequency antenna, 
or perhaps some type of HDTV active antenna. Perusing the photo archive 
on Google has not rung any bells, so I'm stumped.

Anyone know what this is?  I figure if anyone will know, it'll be 
someone on WetNet.

Jim VE6FD.

Jim Dawe VE6FD
ve6.field.day at gmail.com

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