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> > Let's be technical here for one moment.  Are the FCC rules 300 baud, or
> > 300 bits/sec?  It matters!
> 47 CFR 97.307(f)(3):
> Only a RTTY or data emission using a specified digital code listed in
> §97.309(a) of this part may be transmitted. The symbol rate must not exceed
> 300 bauds, or for frequency-shift keying, the frequency shift between mark
> and space must not exceed 1 kHz.

Which in the case of just about every OFDM amateur protocol in use.

> The specified codes in §97.309(a) include:
> (4) An amateur station transmitting a RTTY or data emission using a
> digital code specified in this paragraph may use any technique whose
> technical characteristics have been documented publicly, such as CLOVER,
> G-TOR, or PacTOR, for the purpose of facilitating communications.

Which can be facilitated by publishing the protocol on a web page... which
is exactly what the ARRL did.

Here is Q15X25:  http://www.arrl.org/q15x25   and Pactor 3

but even putting it on Wikipedia would certainly be
considered publicly documented.
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