JT65-HF On the air...

Adam Jacobs adam at jacobs.us
Tue Jan 24 13:33:55 PST 2012

To be honest, I like it best because it performs well over VNC. My 
radios are in my garage, I can VNC in from my laptop while I watch a 
show with my wife (idly hitting the next button as needed). My only 
complaint is that you have to be pretty "on-the-ball" with your 
responses. If you miss the timing, it's 2 minutes before you get to try 
again. Maybe I could just implement a queue.. or a macro system.


On 1/24/2012 1:30 PM, Bill Vodall wrote:
>> Yep, I've used JT65-HF pretty extensively. It's neat. Kind of boring,
>> though. I mean, crazy good DX is always a lot of fun, but still. I've been
>> tempted to modify the JT65-HF source with an "Auto-QSO" button. The QSO's
>> are scripted in JT65, so it would be pretty easy to do. Is automatic control
>> allowed on the HF bands? Is it still automatic control if the control
>> operator is sitting in front of it, listening to sound alerts while he plays
>> a videogame? Is it ethical? :)
> That auto control has so jumped out as being the logical next step....
>    I can't believe somebody hasn't got it going somewhere.   I agree
> with the rest - it's a slow-mo brain fried mode which is sure better
> than watching Americas Test Kitchen.  Or at least something to do
> while watching Test Kitchen...
> Bill

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