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I suggest we adopt these suggestions as a new standard in radio
station configuration:

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 I always cut the power connectors off the radios and just twist the
wire together works ever time if you use lots of duct tape. Same for
all those darn RJ connectors on the microphone, remote control head
and even my telephone! Just drill out the connector and solder the
wires direct to the circuit board. Get rid of those darn SO-239/PL-239
connectors the same way. You have to solder the antenna wire any way
so do it once and it's DONE. Once you get your radio all set up the
way you want use some JB weld epoxy on all those darn pesky buttons
and controls that keep getting push or turned when you are not
looking. As for fuses and UFO's (VFO's too?)  I do not believe in
Talk to you on 146.520 because after the epoxy hardened that's all
that works now.

>From Red Green if he was a ham

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