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Tue Apr 1 18:34:48 PDT 2014

To accommodate the mass influx of hams at the Summer Gathering due to the cancelation of the DCC this year we broke ground today on a 7 story tent complex to house all those hams glad to escape the Texas heat. 
Morse code testing will be available onsite but due to bandwidth restriction we suggest you bring your satellite communication toys so you can experience the interest in seeing all station activity on all ham bands concurrently.
Bring your iDevices along, we will be upgrading anyone's device to iOS 10, the iOS that allows direct connection to the new ID-5100 via wifi after a Bluetooth handshake. Time to marry your ICOM to your Apple devices!!

See you in September.

Chief camp technology officer and lawn mower.

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> On Apr 1, 2014, at 12:25 PM, Bill Vodall <wa7nwp at> wrote:
> TAPR has decided that is was not a great idea to schedule DCC on the
> same day as the NWAPRS Summer Gathering.  They've realized the SG is
> so cool that DCC will be canceled this year and everybody will instead
> attend the SG at Valley Camp.
> The FCC has decided to reinstate a 10 WPM Morse Code requirement for
> Extra class amateurs.  Current Extras that have not passed the CW test
> will be rebranded as Novice-Plus stations with only existing Novice
> privileges until they pass the test.
> The ARRL has stated they will no longer include CW code keys and
> Vacuum tubes in publicity photos - they will be replaced with
> snapshots of SDR radios showing stations active on all ham bands
> concurrently.
> The bandwidth of un-attended segments of the HF bands will be doubled.
> In return, all computer managed transmissions must be in those band
> segments so the manual users will no longer be competing with
> machines.  There will no longer be any restrictions on the bandwidth
> in the unattended segments.  If it fits - it's fine.
> ICOM has announced a software upgrade is available for all existing
> D-Star radios so they will now be capable of 4800 baud FEC pure data
> transmissions.   This is coupled with the introduction of the ID-2
> black box data radio.   It is roughly the shape of an Ubituity Bullet
> with an N connector on one side and Power over Ethernet connect on the
> other.  For $199 it provides DD 128K data in the 1.2 GHz Amateur Band.
>  A similar ID-3 for the 3 GHz Amateur Band with 10X the bandwidth
> will be available at Dayton at the same price.   The new ID32 and ID52
> HT's, also for sale at Dayton, will include a full Android OS.
> It's the 21st Century - everything is going to change...
> Captain Bill and the Doctor...
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