Coming Soon to a Ham Band Near You

Jeff Francis™ jfrancis at
Thu Apr 24 07:51:49 PDT 2014

  And you thought the bootleg truckers and South Americans on 10M were bad?
 You ain't see nothin' yet, if this catches on:

  This uses fldigi over radio.  Which radios?  Whatever radio someone wants
to hook to it, potentially including ham HF rigs, ham HTs, aircraft band
radios, marine band radios, FRS/GMRS radios, or anything else.  Given their
"target market", I would expect to see a ton of use with the cheap new
2M/70cm radios from China.  And you can bet they're not going to give a
crap about band plans and laws against encrypted data.  Or licenses.

  Hopefully, this won't catch on.

  At the same time, they've done something we ourselves haven't managed to
do.  With some relatively minor modifications (to make it legal), this
could be legitimately useful to hams, as well.  It's sort of like SMS for

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