Coming Soon to a Ham Band Near You

CWO4 Michael A. Sterba USNR ars.kg7hq at
Thu Apr 24 07:57:18 PDT 2014


Looks like you and I were catching on our Slashdot reading at the same time :)

The below is a little unnerving. 

Michael - KG7HQ

On Thursday, April 24, 2014 07:51:49 AM Jeff Francis™ wrote:
>   And you thought the bootleg truckers and South Americans on 10M were bad?
>  You ain't see nothin' yet, if this catches on:
>> needing-phone-internet-access-1445888
>   This uses fldigi over radio.  Which radios?  Whatever radio someone wants
> to hook to it, potentially including ham HF rigs, ham HTs, aircraft band
> radios, marine band radios, FRS/GMRS radios, or anything else.  Given their
> "target market", I would expect to see a ton of use with the cheap new
> 2M/70cm radios from China.  And you can bet they're not going to give a
> crap about band plans and laws against encrypted data.  Or licenses.
>   Hopefully, this won't catch on.
>   At the same time, they've done something we ourselves haven't managed to
> do.  With some relatively minor modifications (to make it legal), this
> could be legitimately useful to hams, as well.  It's sort of like SMS for
> radio.

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