Ken status Wednesday 2015-04-08 AM

Steve Stroh steve.stroh at
Wed Apr 8 10:53:50 PDT 2015

I'm over my cold, so I was able to stop in to see Ken this morning and
he was alert and conversational.

Mentally, he's "back to normal" - we had a nice conversation.
Physically, he still has significant challenges ahead.

It was a really good sign that Ken has his phone and tablet with him;
he was frustrated that his tablet isn't charging, and he's got another
charger on order to a family member, who will deliver it to him. I
asked, and there's nothing that he needs from our group that his
family isn't already taking care of.

Visitors are encouraged - it boosts Ken's morale a lot to see a
friendly face. As reported previously, he's no longer in ICU, and is
now in a semi-private room at Swedish Hospital, First Hill, in
Seattle. Ken doesn't have much stamina, so a short visit - 10 minutes
or less, works well. Thanks to those that have visited him - Ken
smiled when he mentioned those who had visited him.

To answer a question, Ken's medical issues are NOT contagious  -
there's no danger in visiting him (but, as with any hospital visit,
wash your hands going in, and out).



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