Extra Just in Case HT radio

Bill Vodall wa7nwp at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 13:12:53 PDT 2015

> I have an F8HP that I like a lot, its the slightly more powerful version of
> the UV-5R.
> You an compare the models here:
> https://baofengtech.com/baofengradios
> The F8HP+ replaces the UV-5R, the F8HP has three power levels 1, 4, 8W.

That was an educational page.  So the BF-F8+ is the replacement for
the UV-5R and the BF-F8HP is a small improvement over that with the
higher power.

Being the high power and Part 90 are not requirements - it looks like
the BF-F8+ is the front runner.

Other key things I've learned...

  Battery case will be required for connection to 12V shore power.

  Kenwood accessories are used - that's a good thing since I just had
a big cup of TH-F6.

So - now I have an excuse to pull the copper pennies and state
quarters out of the coin jar and see if there's enough left over for
the first BF-F8+.

As always - thanks for the info...


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