Three magic wishes...

Bill Vodall wa7nwp at
Wed Apr 29 06:56:47 PDT 2015

> If you found an old radio (tubes of course) in a pile of junk, rescued
> it and in the act of polishing it up a magic genie appeared and
> offered you any three wishes related to Amateur Radio - what would
> they be?
> Hold the ideas for a few hours and let's see if anybody agrees...
> (Hams agreeing - I did say this involved magic....)

Three days already - those "few hours" go fast.

My wishes:

1.  Every ham has at least one full function RF APRS station on the
air..   APRS is pretty incredible and the future potential (Packet
Plan 9, HamBox, etc) is even more awesome.

2. Sane HF digital.   Separate the computers and the human operators,
double (at least - it's a good start) the spectrum for the computers.
Remove all 'rules' on the computers.  If it fits in the bandwidth (30
KHz?) than it's allowed.

3. I had to think about this for a bit but I finally came up with a
third wish.   That's a new license class.  Add a little annual charge.
No CW required - as cool as that would be.   No test either.   Fill
out the form, sign your name, send in the money - you're a ham.
Limited privileges of course - I'm thinking that 2 meter band only
would be good.

Ok - back to work on Plan 9...

Bill, WA7NWP

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