Three magic wishes...

Steve L kb9mwr at
Thu Apr 30 19:53:21 PDT 2015

I really wish HackRF had at least a watt of power.

When is the last time you saw an amplifier design in QEX for something
non FM, to accommodate TDMA or OFDM, etc.

Your logic is why I said we should be playing with 802.11.  Prior, I
and others were in anticipation of the TAPR FHSS Radio, that kept
running into various design road blocks.  I saw it as an easier way to
move forward.  Yet same problem really.  Really all under powered for
the average hams location.

------ Quote ------
I wonder what could be done with OpenLTE and a HackRF on 70cm.

I think if we can incorporate some of what's being used in commercial space
in regards to standards and technology, we'd probably have an easier time
moving the cart towards a future amateur radio.  Eventually once the
primary infrastructure evolves past analog, it's all going to be bitstreams
of data then.

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