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Steve Stroh steve.stroh at gmail.com
Sun Mar 29 14:20:58 PDT 2015

>From Tina KD7WSF:

HI Everyone,

Like Michael and Shelly, Steve and I visited Ken on Saturday. We saw
him in the morning and met with his brother Lou and sister-in-law
Robin who came from he Tri-Cities.

Ken is a very sick man and I am not sure how much he realizes it. His
biggest hurdle is overcoming an infection. He is on multiple drugs to
bring it under control. The infection has caused other problems which
has left him very weak.

If you plan on seeing him, please try to keep your visit to 20 min. It
is important that he knows his friends are there for him but he just
doesn't have the ability to keep up a conversation. Steve sparked a
bit of glimmer talking about how good it is to have WETNET working
again. That is always a good sign! I would expect him to remain
hospitalized for another week. He is in the Progressive Care Unit at
Skagit Valley Hospital which has certain rules like no visiting
between 1-3 PM.  Fitting he should be in Room 2001. Phone calls might
be hard for him (to reach the phone) but I am sure he would appreciate
a call periodically. He also has a church family too that are visiting
and calling so between all of us, he is a busy man.

I have already volunteered the help of the small group to Ken's family
if they need it because of all you did for Richard and it was most
appreciated. Robin and Lou have expressed their thanks and

I'll keep you all posted as I learn more.

Tina, KD7WSF

stevestroh at gmail.com

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