Fwd: Ken

Steve Stroh steve.stroh at gmail.com
Mon Mar 30 18:30:05 PDT 2015

>From Tina KB7WSF

Hi all,

Just wanted to give you the latest news on Ken N7IPB. It has been six
days without significant improvement in his condition. It was evident
to me that Ken needs a higher level of care than what the hospital he
is at (Mount Vernon) can provide. I spoke with the family who
discussed this with Ken and the decision was made to have him
transferred to Swedish Medical Center - First Hill. I am also
stationed at First Hill and have already laid the ground work for a
smooth transfer. The transfer process has started and I would
anticipate Ken to be moved late this evening. I will be here early
tomorrow morning to check on him and keep you posted. I would
anticipate that he will be admitted to our ICU but he just might be in
our intermediate ICU. I will let you know where he winds up and what
the visiting hours might be for him.

Ken and his family need at lot of support and prayers - all of which we can do.


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