Update 5/4 from Wetnet Space

Bill Vodall wa7nwp at gmail.com
Wed May 4 16:58:21 PDT 2016

Last nights Bonanza was 'war bonnet'.   Nobody died and the bad guy
wasn't really.   Better than some of the shows..

After Bonanza I had another ATU/2 on the projects:

  Still no luck on HF email with winmor - I think the bands go to
sleep before I do.

  Requested an update of the stations (WLAP's) list by email.  That
gave it a nice workout.  Note to self - check the size and record the
performance stats.   This was through the MIRO station.

  Checked the TCP config on the other system just waiting to start
pinging Kenny.  Getting that going will take a whole ATU.  Need to
exercise the 44 numbers and get things in line with the online

Checked today and discovered the remote control software for the Icom
was on the Local shelf in Portland.   I've gone there for less but not
this time.   Expecting it tomorrow.

Hot list for tonight is still:

* winmor email on HF
* CW with the new Icom using FLdigi

Adding to the short term list:

* DRats  (is there any DRats running in the region?)

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