No Ponderosa tonight.

Bill Vodall wa7nwp at
Thu May 5 00:38:44 PDT 2016

Did get an product ATU/2...

Learned we can set the min and max freq range in winmor..   Not quite
filtering by band but it let me remove the 80 meter stations form the

No luck on Winmor.   Tried the VE's.  Tried the 5 MHz.   No luck.

There was a couple weak signals on 40 CW.   Fiddled with fldigi enough
to figure out how to send the modulated CW.    Sent out a couple Test
messages.   Then to Reverse beacon network to see if there was some
chance I was heard.  Yeah - cheating a bit but it's a start and a big
one off the list...

  test test de wa7nwp wa7nwp kn

at 20% RF with CW set to 18 wpm


SSN:67 SFI:90 A:5 K:2

KO7SS WA7NWP 7049.6CW CQ4 dB18 wpm0729z 05 May   (Mt Lemmon AZ)

HA1VHF DL/F5HTR/P7033.0CW CQ11 dB22 wpm0729z 05 May
SE0X F5JL7018.4CW CQ13 dB28 wpm0729z 05 May
SE0X DL/F5HTR/P7033.0CW CQ8 dB23 wpm0729z 05 May
DK3UA DL/F5HTR/P7033.0CW CQ10 dB22 wpm0729z 05 May

WA7LNW WA7NWP 7049.6CW CQ10 dB18 wpm0729z 05 May   (Washington UT)

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